“Here’s How I Created an Over 20,000 Member Facebook Group From Scratch That Has Generated Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Revenue (Without Spending a Penny on Advertising)”

…And How You Can Do The Same (or better!) By Following A Simple Step-by-Step Formula…

Dear Reader,

If you saw me on the street…in the coffee shop…or at the gym I bet you’d never think in a million years that I was the Chief of my very own 20,000-plus community in the jungle. No, not the kind of swinging-from-vines type of jungle. I’m talking about The Coaching Jungle…

I started this simple little Facebook Group in the fall of 2015 and in a little over five years it’s blown up from zero to 20,000+ members (and growing) WITHOUT paying a dime on advertising.
But, for me it’s not really about the amount of people in the group, it’s the value of those people.
For example…
  • Everyone in my “Coaching Jungle” is highly targeted – they’re exactly the kind of people I want to interact with and who are interested in what I teach.
  • They CONTRIBUTE to the community daily – every single day the members of my Coaching Jungle community are posting up questions and insights, interacting with my posts, helping each other out, and providing value. Can you imagine what a wonderful feeling it is to have grown an organic community like that?
  • They are interested and HUNGRY for what I have to offer – I never worry about “selling” to any of the members of my community. I’m not worried that I’ll annoy them or bother them or “intrude” on them. Why? Because they WANT what I’m offering and they’re EXCITED about it!
And it’s exactly these kind of community building techniques that has allowed me to monetize my group and make hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue from THIS source alone! It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in or how “odd” or “broad” your niche may be, if you want to have a group of engaged, hungry, hyper-targeted, and incredibly LOYAL customers DYING to hand you their money and attention with an almost “cult like” devotion to you, your brand, and each other, then quite simply the best way to accomplish this is to…

Start A Facebook Group Of Your Own!

But… is it really that simple?

Can you just “create it and they will come”?

If you’ve perhaps tried to start your own Facebook group in the past you know that it’s not that simple.

There are over 1 billion active users on Facebook (according to Mark Zuckerberg) and over 620 MILLION groups, and I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that over half of those groups are DEAD or INFECTED.

Let’s go through what that means really quick…

These groups can have ZERO people or A LOT of people, but the story is still the same…it’s a ghost town.

People may be members, but nobody’s posting. Tumbleweed is blowing through the timeline.

Why does this happen?

There are two primary reasons

  1. The group creator invited every Tom, Dick, and Harry (usually without their consent) and spammed their way to a tiny dysfunctional community. Those that remained in the group probably did so by accident and everybody else left (probably angry they were added in the first place) Nobody posts, nobody engages, nobody cares.
  1. Or, the group creator used paid advertising to get TONS of people to join the group…but none of them are relevant, none of them engage in the content, so eventually the creator gave up, abandoned ship, and all that’s left is a town full of skeletons.
More terrifying than The Walking Dead is an “infected group”. These types of groups could have thousands to tens of thousands of members… but they’re all trying to promote themselves.

Although it may have started with the best of intentions, the group creator did not construct “background checks” for new members to ensure only relevant people who followed the rules (“No self-promotion or selling!”) come on board.

It’s like creating a community during the zombie apocalypse, opening up the gates, and refusing to check to see if the person walking through is alive…or a zombie.

Typically these groups take on a life of their own. The creator gave up trying to control members long ago and left the entire community to eat itself from the inside out with self-promotional posts and spam.

This is what happens when you’re more interested in getting LOTS of people instead of THE RIGHT people.

The question is…

How do you RAPIDLY grow a Facebook group with hyper-targeted members who are interested in engaging with you and are dying to buy your products and services

WITHOUT spamming all your friends to join, dropping tons of money on ads, or “losing control” or your group?

Introducing Facebook Group Gold

The ONLY proven, step-by-step system in the world that walks you through how to start and maintain a thriving Facebook group that brings in TONS of money for your business – predictably like clockwork.

Here’s what it’s all about:

I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned about how to create a THRIVING Facebook group into four comprehensive modules.

MODULE ONE: Setting Up Your FB Group

It may sound “simple” but there are a few insider tips and tricks many people don’t know about and in this module I reveal all these little “secrets” to starting your FB group off right.

This includes…

  • Understanding the difference between a “Group” and a “Page” – One of the biggest problems I see is people treating groups like pages (or vice versa). There is a marked, distinct tone you have to have for these two outlets. For example, you can sell the same thing on both a page and a group, but you can’t phrase it the same way.
  • Setting monetization goals from the start – There are groups out there that really are nothing but communities of interest, but if you’re running a business your end-goal should always be to grow your “bottom line” sales. And, if you don’t set the right monetization goals from the start, you could find yourself with a load of trouble later. Here I’ll teach you exactly what you need to do to ensure you are able to grow and monetize your group ASAP (not a month later, six months later, or a year later like other bogus blogs and articles tell you).
  • Pinpointing your prime target – Who the HECK is this group for? Now wait a second before you answer that. Because if you’re like most people, you’re going to get it HORRIBLY wrong. There is one BIG gigantic mistake I see 97.6% of everyone make when pinpointing their group demographic and I’ll teach you how to recognize it, avoid it, and correct it (HINT: if you think you have a firm grasp on your target market…then you’ve already fallen into this trap).
  • Creating a name that sticks like super glue – It’s not about being “interesting” or “creative” or “witty” it’s about being relevant, pin-pointed, easy, and most important of all – STICKY. You’ll learn about a proven, no-fail process that allows you to easily find that perfect name for your group that “sticks” for the long-haul. In fact, I’ll even show you how to build an ENTIRE brand around it (and a website, too!)
  • How to set concrete, realistic group rules – You are the leader of this community, therefore you’re responsible for what is and isn’t allowed in the group. The question is – how strict should you be? Believe it or not, there are some rules that EVERY group should have. In this section I’ll tell you exactly what those are to ensure your community is cohesive and harmonious.
  • The art of pinning posts – A pinned post is the first post anyone will see when they enter your group (and as long as it’s “pinned” it will be visible above any “recent posts”). The worst thing you can do is leave this as a generic “Welcome Message” I’ll show you how to use your pinned posts as a powerful money-making marketing tool that could potentially generate thousands of dollars in income for you from that SINGLE post.
  • Brand like a badass – it’s easy to think of your group as just a “supplement” to your overall brand, but if you do it right it can become a loved and respected brand all its own that inspires intense brand loyalty and sharing. Learn how to create a long-lasting brand that people will remember forever.

MODULE TWO: Growing The Group

  • How to personally invite enthusiastic people to your group (even if they’re BIG DOGS in their fields, and you feel like the little one just starting out) and watch them join up in the DROVES. NOTE: This is the number one way I grew my group from the start, all it takes is a little finesse and getting in contact with the right people, before you know it you’re building a high-value community (and boy does it feel great!)
  • The RIGHT way to promote your group in other groups (without sounding annoying, desperate, or needy)
  • Issuing consistent, daily call-to-action posts without “turning off” your group members or sounding like a cheesy, checker-suited used car salesman (I issue strong, blatant calls-to-action on an almost daily basis and my group members eat it up and ask for seconds).
  • How to take SMART shortcuts (AKA how to target smart with paid Facebook ads, grow with the right people, and still end up getting valuable leads for pennies on the dollar).
  • How to be selective without being a big, fat JERK – As the community creator, you are the gatekeeper of your little online village. You decide who comes and who goes. But how selective is TOO selective (or not selective enough?). Fortunately, there are actually some hard and fast rules, which I’ll explain inside this section.
  • Should you let competitors into your group? You may be very surprised at the answer…
  • How to find the BEST admins for your group, who will help enforce rules, keep up community standards, and keep your group active as it grows (I have several admins that I trust completely, which means that my group is maintained even if I’m gone for days or even weeks).

MODULE THREE: Getting Engagement

  • Don’t end up as a DEAD group! In this section I’ll drop every ounce of knowledge I’ve learned on how to keep your community active at all times (without burning yourself out).
  • How to post at least once a day (without posting once a day). Sound impossible? I guarantee you it is 100% possible and I’ll show you how.
  • Learn the “tricks of the engagement trade” – Should you always be polite, nice, and neutral? NO! Should you always be strong, confident, and inspirational? NOPE! Should you always talk about business or your products? DEFINITELY NOT! I’ll teach you why polarization is powerful, talking about your crippling problems and faults is great, and telling people about your boring day is awesome (did you have a stupid idea in the shower? Tell your group about it!).
  • Learn the best methods for cutting open the brains of your members and SUCKING out their deepest, darkest innermost thoughts – I use these methods all the time to conduct market research, find out if there is an audience for new projects or ideas, and gain a deep psychological understanding from my target demographic. Oh yeah…and they LOVE having me poke around in their head.
  • Boot, ban, and reprimand people without coming off as a big, mean, bossy intolerant butthead (in fact, do it in a way that makes your group rally around you with love, encouragement, and support for your decisions)
  • When and why to tag people in posts (members and non-members). NOTE: Many people get this wrong and just end up being annoying.

MODULE FOURMonetizing Your Group

  • Can I tell you a secret? You have the right to sell to your group! It’s true! Yet so many group owners feel “squeamish” about doing it and it all comes down to a mindset block. In this section I’ll show you how to ditch that mindset and start selling to your group (NOTE: They want you to!)
  • Learn about unusual and often overlooked ways to monetize your posts (HINT: your group description banner is prime real estate).
  • Get a sneak peak, over-the-shoulder, behind-the-scenes look at my STRONGEST money-making posts (and case study breakdowns of other big-name group owners).
  • Learn how to use Facebook live to generate $10,000+ per month (or more) without “hard selling” or giving any annoying sales pitches (this is one of my favorites!  Get behind the camera, talk about things you love to talk about, and BOOM – money in the bank…it’s like magic!)
  • I reveal everything I’ve learned about organizing and putting on group webinars. The online webinar is one of THE most powerful money-making tools online today. Not only does it build immense authority around your brand, it skyrockets your value to your group members and helps you easily and efficiently monetize your group on a regular basis.
  • Learn the amazing art of the UPSELL. If you’re not offering upsells in your group then you’re leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars of cold, hard cash in the DUMPSTER. I’ll teach you my methods, but also give you an inside view into some of the Internet’s greatest marketers and how they orchestrate the upsell process to their groups.
This course is quite simply…

The Most Comprehensive Program On How To Build A Six-Figure Facebook Group In The World

Each module has knowledge-filled resources that include…

  • Video training
  • Over-the-shoulder screen shares
  • PDF booklets and supplementary lessons
  • Checklists to keep you on track and moving forward in the right direction
  • Worksheets to ensure you gain a full and intimate understanding of the deeper principals behind building and monetizing your Facebook group (so you can repeat the process over and over again!)
  • Behind-the-scenes audio interviews with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the world (more on that in a minute)
Imagine waking up in the morning, fixing a cup of coffee, logging into Facebook, and seeing a BIG, bustling community that YOU created!

A community that – even while you were asleep – were posting questions and insights, helping each other, discussing your lessons, services, and products, and creating immense value without you even having to lift a finger.

Imagine typing a simple little message saying “Good morning” to your audience and telling them about a new offer you have going on that day…

And in an instant you’ve got 5, 10, 20, 50 new sales from enthusiastic community members. There is really no other feeling like it.

You simply cannot get the same engagement from email, where you’re usually emailing nameless, faceless addresses.

You can’t get the same engagement from podcasts…

Don’t get me wrong – I love using email and podcasting to grow my business. But with a Facebook group, you’ve built a real live community – there’s a feeling of cohesion and belonging. There’s an energy, excitement, and drive to get up and get involved in that community every single day.


This Community is For LIFE!

This group that you create, cultivate, and communicate with on a daily basis becomes a family that will last you years and years – possibly the rest of your life as long as you continue to engage with them!

This will become one of your single most important and profitable business assets.

Does the idea of having a loving, loyal community of like-minded people who are always interested in the products and services you offer excite you?

If so, do you want to skip all the mistakes me (and people like me) made and get right to building up a MASSIVE community immediately, right now, with the fastest track to monetization?

Do you want to create a community of hundreds to thousands of people starting TODAY…not weeks or months or years from now?

If so, you are the PERFECT fit for the Facebook Group Gold Program.

Bonus Interviews With The Best of The Best

You’ll get access to can’t-hear-anywhere-else interviews from online entrepreneurs who have built incredible Facebook groups, including:
Ryan Stewman, who has built a highly-successful Facebook group for salespeople with almost 100,000 members!
Scott Paton, who started a Facebook group for people struggling with Fibromyalgia that has grown to over 85,000 members!
Vanessa Talbot, who created a super-engaged Facebook group for coaches that is one of the best out there!
Kim Argetsinger, who shares the methods she uses to monetize her group – without spending much time on Facebook!
Ciera Lueck, a Facebook community builder who spills the beans on the secrets of the trade to ensuring you have a solid relationship with the members of your group!
Eric Bailey, who keeps his Facebook group small, yet has turned it into a big revenue generator (proving that it can be done with tiny groups!)
And more exclusive interviews Facebook group superstars that you won’t find anywhere else … only inside the Facebook Group Gold program!

You Get All Of This When You Join Today!

Let’s recap, shall we?

When you join Facebook Group Gold today, you’re getting instant access to the following…

  • Module One: Setting Up Your Facebook Group
  • Module Two: Growing The Group
  • Module Three: Getting Engagement
  • Module Four: Monetizing Your Group
  • Bonus Interviews: Lengthy, revealing secret interviews with the biggest authorities on using Facebook groups to create, grow, and monetize your audience

All of this for only $497!

Remember, this includes EVERYTHING…
  • Module One: Setting Up Your Facebook Group
  • Module Two: Growing The Group
  • Module Three: Getting Engagement
  • Module Four: Monetizing Your Group
  • Bonus Interviews: Lengthy, revealing secret interviews with the biggest authorities on using Facebook groups to create, grow, and monetize your audience
Once you click the button above, you’ll be taken to a super-secure order form. All you need to do is enter your credit card details and, in just the next two minutes, you’ll have full 100% access to the Facebook Group Gold program.

Your login details will be emailed to you and you’ll be able to join our special secret Facebook group instantly.

See you on the inside!


  • I tried doing a Facebook group before and it didn’t work! Will this help me?You can get some strategies to do FB groups properly by Googling, but they’re incomplete strategies (and often from people who haven’t actually built a successful group). You’ll be learning the insider secrets from someone who has built a large group and used it to build a six-figure coaching business (and who won’t hold back with sharing!).
  • How long will it take to go through this program?There’s a lot in this program, but the stuff included was chosen because it’s important – there’s no fluff or filler. You could take a weekend to go through everything and get your group set up properly.
  • I don’t have a ton of time to spend on Facebook, how much time will I have to spend in my group every week?
    Although building a successful Facebook group takes time and effort, if you implement the things that you learn in this program, it won’t take too much time! I spend about 10 hours every week in my group (posting, engaging with my tribe, moderating), but I have clients who spend less time (a few hours a week) and STILL get amazing results.
  • Do I need a large group for these strategies to work?The thing about Facebook Group Gold program is it works for smaller groups (under 500) as well as large groups! The key is to have a stronger, more engaged group than a large group where people aren’t as committed. 
  • I’m not a coach, will I still be able to monetize without doing 1:1 coaching?Yes, as long as you have a business (and your people are on Facebook!) you can make this work. You can monetize any number of ways: selling online programs, consulting, books, etc. And, I teach you how in this program!